ICPE-9000: Simultaneous ICP Emission Spectrometer

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Utilizing a range of technological hardware advances, including a large-scale one-inch CCD detector with increased pixel size and an Echelle spectrometer, the simultaneous ICPE-9000 delivers high-speed measurement with the highest resolution of any system on the market. The ICPE-9000’s innovative, vertical Mini Torch cuts cost by reducing consumption of argon gas to half that of conventional torches and minimizes contamination and blockages.

The IPCE-9000 utilizes a vacuum spectrometer that is equipped with semiconductor detectors, the first of its kind in ICP emission spectrometers. Because the spectrometer is maintained under a vacuum, contamination and decline in sensitivity does not occur over long-term use, and high-purity gas for internal gas purging is not required, reducing running costs.

Searching for easier analysis?
Find it with the multi-functional attributes of ICPEsolution Software. Enabling simple and accurate measurement, even with hard-to-measure high-matrix samples, the software features:

• Method Development Assistant
• Method Diagnosis Assistant
• Qualitative Database Calibration
• Automatic Wavelength Selection
• Spectral Interference Elements Database

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ICPE-9000: Simultaneous ICP Emission Spectrometer

Manufacturer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

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