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iCell Neurons
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iCell® Neurons, derived from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, provide a unique in vitro system for preclinical drug discovery, neurotoxicity testing, predictive disease modeling, and basic cellular research. A better and more biologically relevant alternative to current cell models, iCell Neurons offer researchers access to commercial quantities of high quality, highly pure human neurons that possess typical phenotypic characteristics and functional of mature neurons.

iCell® Neurons are a mixture of post-mitotic neural subtypes, comprised primarily of GABAergic and glutamatergic neurons, with typical physiological characteristics and functions. These cells quickly assume a typical neuronal morphology with branching neurites. In addition, iCell Neurons display a stable adherent single-cell morphology and remain viable for an extended culture period (≥14 days), making them amenable to a variety of electrophysiology, neurotoxicity, and synaptic neurotransmission assays.

iCell® Neurons are shipped as cryopreserved suspensions of dissociated cells with specifically formulated culture media. Once thawed, iCell Neurons remain viable for extended culture periods, allowing for acute and chronic studies.

iCell® Neurons Benefits:

  • Human Cells - Saves valuable time, resources, and compound.
  • Highly Pure Cell Population - Provides cardiac-specific response to reference molecules.
  • Homogenous and Reproducible
  • Fully Functional Model
  • Acute and Longer-term Testing - Remain viable in culture for up to two weeks.
  • iPS Cell-derived

iCell® Neurons Applications:

  • Cell-based Assays - Cell viability, Apoptosis, ATP production, Oxidative stress, Mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Electophysiological Applications - Conventional patch clamp recording, Microelectrode assay (MEA) recording.