Hysphere Range of SPE Cartridges

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The HySphere™ cartridge range has been specially developed for the Symbiosis / Prospekt on-line SPE system. The sorbents are exclusively developed by Spark to ensure optimal efficiency and reproducability for a wide range of compounds. The most important feature is the size of the sorbent particles, which is (for most sorbents) < 10 µm as compared to 40 µm in traditional SPE tubes.

The elution volume of the 8 µm cartridge is much smaller, resulting in higher concentration of the analyte and consequently, higher assay sensitivity. Furthermore, the small particles enable a higher sample loading speed, thus reducing the cycle time.

The selection of sorbents for the HySphere™ range is based on proven performance quality for online SPE and guaranteed control of physical and chemical characteristics such as particle size distribution, absence of fines, batch-to-batch reproducibility etc. Every batch of HySphere SPE cartridges is tested for its extraction and elution performance by measuring plate number and retention of a test substance. A 'Certificate of Analysis' comes with every box of cartridges.

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