Hypersil GOLD Columns by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Hypersil GOLD Columns
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  • Exceptional peak symmetry and resolution
  • Based on next-generation ultra pure silica
  • Outstanding pH stability Ideal first choice for new method development

Product detail:

Hypersil GOLD columns are a new LC and LC/MS column offering unsurpassed peak shape. Based on highly pure silica, Hypersil GOLD columns provide the ultimate in symmetrical peaks, even when analyzing compounds that give notoriously poor peak shape on traditional C18 or L1 chemistries.

Rugged and robust manufacturing processes coupled with advanced column packing technologies produce highly efficient, reliable Hypersil GOLD columns for applications where resolution between compounds closely related in structure is paramount. Discrimination between such species is vital in drug analyses where active constituents and other trace components must be rigorously monitored. With L1 retention and selectivity, existing L1 methodologies are easily upgraded to Hypersil GOLD columns with minimal loss of time, but with an unsurpassed gain in peak shape and sensitivity.

The 3µm and 5µm Hypersil GOLD columns are available in both unique and conventional formats, including standard analytical columns, KAPPA capillary columns, DASH high-throughput LC/MS columns, and PIONEER direct-connection columns, as well as several guard formats. Analytical columns and capillaries range in dimension from 75µm to 4.6mm ID and lengths from 20 to 250mm. For preparative work, Hypersil GOLD is also available in 8µm particle size and larger column dimensions, allowing ultimate flexibility in method development and transfer.

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