HYPERFlask® M Cell Culture Vessel by Corning Life Sciences

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HYPERFlask® M Cell Culture Vessel
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The Corning High Yield PERformance Flask Manual (HYPERFlask M) cell culture vessel, specifically designed for manual use. This is a new multilayer flask that uses a gas permeable film to provide gas exchange between the cells and culture medium and the atmospheric environment surrounding it. This allows for a much greater cell growth surface area within the traditional T-flask space. The HYPERFlask M vessel is designed to be filled entirely with medium and sealed with a solid cap. There is no need to crack the cap or use a vented cap when culturing the gas permeable film and air space between each of the 10 layers.

The HYPERFlask M vessel has a total growth area of 1720 cm2 or 10 times the growth area of a standard T175 flask. The protocol below is a generalized protocol for routine or standard cell culture needs and will allow you to achieve the best results with the HYPERFlask M vessel and the original HYPERFlask vessel that is designed for use in automation. Both vessels have been successfully used for cell propagation (adherent and non-adherent), protein production, virus production and transfection.