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Hygromycin B
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Light brown lyophilized solid. Working concentration 50 mg/ml - 1 mg/ml for mammalian cell selection. Unique aminoglycoside antibiotic that inhibits the growth of prokaryotic (bacteria) and eukaryotic microorganisms (yeasts) and mammalian cells.

Inhibits protein synthesis at the translocation step on the 70S ribosome and causes misreading of the mRNA. Hph, a gene from E. coli, encodes resistance to hygromycin B and can be isolated and cloned by recombinant DNA techniques. This hygromycin B-resistance gene is particularly useful for the identification or selection of recombinant clones in a variety of cell types.

Hygromycin B penetrates cells that have been permeabilized by virus infection, hence it can act as an effective antiviral agent. Purity: ¡Ý90% by HPLC and TLC. Potency: ¡Ý1000 U/mg solid. RTECS WK2130000, CAS 31282-04-9. Supplied with a directional insert.