HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer

Manufacturer Tecan

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Tecan´s HydroFlex 3-in-1 Plate Washer providing you with increased productivity and sparkling results by accelerating key separation processes for a range of applications in 96-well format including:

• automated ELISA washing with advanced on-line process control
• gentle washing of adherent and weakly adherent cells
• Automated washing of multiplexed assays using magnetic beads
• automated vacuum filtration of non-magnetic beads & PCR clean-up
• automated washing of protein arrays spotted onto segmented slides or into the wells of a microplate

To ensure good wash efficiency the HydroFlex provides low residual volumes of less than 2µl per well and multiple aspiration points for flat-bottom plates. As a proof of reliability the HydroFlex provides an MTTF-statement (mean-time to first failure) of more than 40.000 plates, based on extensive testing.

For minimized cell-detachment even with weakly adherent cell lines the HydroFlex offers tuneable wash parameters including a gentle drop-wise dispense mode, as well as gentle aspiration settings. This flexibility also allows complex washing protocols, such as those required by multiplexed assays using magnetic beads.

The HydroFlex platform is easily operated as a stand-alone instrument with its integrated keypad, or by using the intuitive HydroControl™ software. It fulfils user administration requirements, including electronic records and signatures, and is designed to meet the FDA CFR 21 part 11 regulations. Additionally the HydroFlex configured for ELISA washing is prepared to meet the IVD 98/79 EC directive for Europe.

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HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer

Manufacturer Tecan

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