Human Promoter Microarrays by Agilent Technologies

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Human Promoter Microarrays
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The Agilent SurePrint G3 Human Promoter Microarrays offer the same high sensitivity and accuracy provided by the earlier generation arrays but adds the benefits of extended coverage, updated content and increased cost savings.

  • SurePrint G3 Human Promoter Microarray 1x1M
  • SurePrint G3 Human Promoter Microarray 2x400K

  • The Human Promoter Microarrays are optimized using probes validated for ChIP-on-chip technology and are proven to deliver the robust hybridization and optimal binding critical to reliable data. They are specifically designed for location analysis of human DNA-binding proteins.

    • Human transcripts used based on RefSeq
    • Enriched content sourced from UCSC human genome (hg) databases
    • Empirically validated probes of the highest quality printed using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology
    • Slide can be G3-formatted with two 400K or one 1M microarrays or with high-definition format of one 244K microarray
    • Available as a single slide or as a 5-slide kit  

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