Human miRNome miRNA PCR Array

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The Human miRNome miScript miRNA PCR Array (V16.0, 96-well/Rotor-Disc 100) profiles the expression of the 1008 most abundantly expressed and best characterized miRNA sequences in the human miRNA genome (miRNome) as annotated in miRBase Release 16 ( Although they are well characterized, each of these miRNA sequences can regulate one to several messenger RNA transcripts, and conversely one mRNA can be regulated by one to several miRNA sequences. Therefore, the complex role that any given known miRNA sequence plays has yet to be completely defined. Use of the Human miRNome miScript miRNA PCR Array maximizes the likelihood of discovering miRNA sequences whose expression patterns correlate with the biological phenotypes under study. A set of controls included on each plate enables data analysis using the ΔΔCT method of relative quantification, assessment of reverse transcription performance, and assessment of PCR performance. The Human miRNome miScript miRNA PCR Array enables easy and reliable, SYBR Green-based real-time PCR analysis of the expression of 1008 miRNA sequences and discovery of those most important to the research area of interest