Human CNV Association Microarray Kit, 2x105K

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Agilent SurePrint G3 and High-definition CNV microarrays enable multiple loci to be assessed simultaneously, allowing for their identification and characterization. The microarrays provide high-resolution and optimized probe design for maximal sensitivity and specificity as required by the researcher.
  •  Coding and non-coding human sequences represented
  •  Probes annotated against UCSC hg18 (NCBI Build 36, March 2006)
  •  Format-dependent overall median probe spacing
  •  0.5g total genomic DNA input requirement
  •  All slide formats printed using Agilent's 60-mer SurePrint technology.  
  •  Slides per kit determined by microarray format

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Human CNV Association Microarray Kit, 2x105K

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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