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HTS Systems and Workcells

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The Brooks HTS Systems and Workcells are designed with input from HTS labs in major pharmaceutical companies to ensure optimum usability. They provide a superior alternative to costly cart-based solutions that offer flexibility but make poor use of space and inflexible fixed instrument solutions that offer better instrument density and lower initial cost but are expensive to upgrade. Brooks offers Sprint 6™-driven hardware solutions that range from small workcells to fully automated screening systems.

Key Features
• Flexible hardware solution - future-proof design allows easy instrument upgrade / exchange without need for system redesign
• Dockable carts, slides – combined with the Sprint 6 HTS Software “Just-in-time initialization” this maximizes use of expensive or "in-demand" instrumentation by allowing assay to start without the instrument which can then be added “just-in-time” for first use
• Externally mounted instruments - allow easy access for maintenance and manual use
• Powerful Sprint 6 scheduling software
• Flexible instrumentation – customer freedom to select personal preference or “best in class”
• User-configurable I/O – take action or make decisions based on external sensors

Product Overview