HPLC and Liquid Pumps by SMI-LabHut Ltd

Manufacturer SMI-LabHut Ltd

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HPLC and Liquid Pumps

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  • Compatible with any GC
  • Direct drop-in replacement for HP5890 autosampler with full control
  • Low cost but high quality autosampler
  • 10 or 110 sample position option

The HT300A is a liquid autosampler designed to mount on any GC system and may have a left or right hand tray configuration.

A waste vial and up to 4 wash or derivitisation vials are available and samples may be injected into the front or back injector.

HT300A is controllable by Data Apex data system and also by the Chemstation when mounted on an HP5890 thus making it a very cost effective solution for replacing aging 5890 autosamplers.