HT3™ Static and Dynamic Headspace Analyzer

Manufacturer Teledyne Tekmar
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Average Rating: 4.3
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Rating: 4.3

"The ability to switch from dynamic to static headspace for each vial is very handy. It is a great product for solid samples."

Review date: 19 Apr 2009 | HT3™ Static and Dynamic Headspace Analyzer

Static Headspace analysis is a time-tested and robust technique for the analysis of volatile compounds in almost any matrix.

The popularity of the technique is due to Headspace analysis providing a clean, reliable result. Teledyne Tekmar draws on our experience as a leader in low-level VOC analysis with the introduction of a next generation Headspace instrument, the HT3™ Static and Dynamic Headspace System. Dramatic improvements in sensitivity are achieved with the new Dynamic Headspace option, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability of a traditional Static Headspace instrument.

HT3™ Static and Dynamic Headspace Analyzer Features:

  • The HT3 comes with a standard integrated, 60-position autosampler, providing true walk away automation.
  • The entire sample path is Siltek™ and can be heated up to 300oC thus minimizing analyte carryover. Different loop sizes ranging from 100µL to 5mL may be used depending on application.
  • Easy access to sample path allows for trouble-free removal, maintenance and safety.
  • The platen heater offers a 10-position, highly regulated heating chamber. Temperatures are controlled up to 300oC in increments of 1oC.
  • The patented MFC has the ability to control pressure and flow to assure consistent volume control regardless of external conditions for all samples.
  • Two-Stage Needle design allows for the continuous sweeping so critical to dynamic headspace analysis.
  • Sorbent traps allow for dynamic compound concentration and are available in a variety of sorbent packing materials.