Manual Headspace Autosampler for any GC

Manufacturer SMI-LabHut Ltd

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  • Compatible with most GC systems
  • 6 Position orbital oven/shaker
  • Progressive sample preparation for maximum throughput
  • Very economical headspace solution

Using a mounting bracket system the HT200H autosampler can mount on virtually all types of GC system and may be configured with a left or right hand sample tray.

A 6 position orbital shaker/oven allows vials to be progressively conditioned so that a sample is always ready as soon as a run is complete.

A heated syringe mechanism extracts the sample and injects directly into the GC port. No transfer lines are needed which reduces carry-over and improves reproducibility. The syringe is flushed with gas after each run.

The HT200H is one of a group of products manufactured by Hta and is also available as a liquid/headspace dual function unit.