HT2000H Headspace Autosampler by HTA s.r.l.

Manufacturer HTA s.r.l.

HT2000H Headspace Autosampler by HTA s.r.l. product image
HT2000H Headspace Autosampler
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The HT2000H Headspace autosampler is made to meet the needs of static headspace injection for GC analysis.

HTA's proven superior headspace technology is based on a high performing gastight syringe. Through a short flow path, it eliminates any source of error, such as vial pressurization, valve switching, loop filling or transfer lines assuring repeatability (RSD up to <1%), minimal carryover and continuity of the operations.

To obtain the highest sample throughput, the progressive sample transfer into the oven assures that one sample is heated while the previous one is analyzed. As a consequence, the waiting time between each run is avoided. Up to 6 vials can be heated simultaneously in the oven. HT2000H allows sequential injections even of samples featuring highly dissimilar characteristics and it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes.

Moreover, vial leakage check – a proprietary technology - can be included in your method. In such a scenario, the pressure inside vials of the same batch is monitored by an heuristic procedure in order to check against anomalous values that are indicative of a vial leakage problem.

Key features:

  • Fits all GCs and GC/MSs
  • Near to zero requirement for bench space
  • Vial leakage check included
  • User friendly touch screen
  • CFR 21 Part 11
  • Multiple position incubation oven and shaking at multiple selectable power settings
  • The lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

List of relevant applications:

  • Blood Alchool
  • Methanol in Biodiesel
  • Residual Solvents in Drugs
  • Residual Solvents in Packaging Film

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HT2000H Headspace Autosampler by HTA s.r.l. product image

HT2000H Headspace Autosampler

Manufacturer HTA s.r.l.

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