HT-24 Evaporation Workstation by Genevac

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HT-24 Evaporation Workstation

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Rating: 4.0

"Very friendly user interface. Minimal user training required. Real-time data output enables on-the-fly optimization of runs."

Review date: 15 Jun 2011 | HT-24 Evaporation Workstation

The HT-24 brings more flexibility to high throughput evaporation than ever before. With one compact unit you can now evaporate two different solvents simultaneously.

The HT-24 combines the versatility of two HT-12 evaporation chambers into the same space previously occupied by one system.  However, the HT-24 is more than just two HT-12s on a new trolley.  The HT-24 benefits from a host of sophisticated new features designed to increase performance and productivity in your laboratory.  Like so much Genevac technology, these features are not available on any other evaporator!

The HT-24 has an incredibly high sample evaporation capacity of 120 plates, while providing fantastic flexibility, in that; each chamber can be used independently.  For example, one chamber could be used for library synthesis work, and the other for work up or post synthesis purification.  The HT-24 retains many of the features of the popular HT-12, including the ability to accept a wide range of sample formats, including microplates, tubes and vials together with Genevac's segmented Waters and Gilson fraction collector blocks.

The HT-24 allows further process enhancement through the revolutionary twin VC4000 condensers.  The VC4000, provides many time saving and performance enhancing functions.  New to the VC4000, is the automated mid-evaporation condenser draining function.  This new feature improves evaporation performance with solvents mixtures having widely differing boiling points by ensuring optimum vacuum at all times.  Another useful addition is high power electrical heaters which enable rapid condenser defrosting, reducing turn around time.  Additionally, the user may select waste solvent removal on demand.  Solvent waste containers can be changed at any time, using valved quick-release fittings.  Audible and on-screen warnings prompt users when the waste container requires emptying.

The HT-24 has the same footprint as one HT-12, but packs in twice the capacity. The robust trolley is pressure-ventilated and ideal for inclusion in a walk-in fume hood. An alternative full enclosure trolley-mounted fume hood is available as an option.

HT-24 Evaporation Workstation Features:

  • Dual 4.5L condensers
  • High speed condenser defrost
  • Automatic condenser defrost and drain option
  • On-screen Condenser status display
  • Integrated solvent drain pump and waste container
  • Integrated loading platforms
  • Smart industrial trolley design