HT-12 Series II Evaporator by Genevac

Manufacturer Genevac
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HT-12 Series II Evaporator by Genevac product image
HT-12 Series II Evaporator

The HT-12 Series II system is designed to provide the ideal solution for evaporation bottlenecks in the drug discovery laboratory.

The system's high performance and high sample capacities make them the ideal workhorses for the laboratory requiring high throughput evaporation.

The unique design of the multi layer rotor ensures efficient use of valuable laboratory bench space as well as high performance and high throughput evaporation.

The HT-12 system accommodates a wide range of sample formats. The strong stainless rotors are housed in a cast aluminium vacuum chamber, protected from attack by corrosive vapours by a reinforced perfluorinated coating. The rotors incorporate 12 "sample swings" to accommodate Genevac sample holders for tubes & vials, microtitre plates and custom sample formats. The systems are ready for use with microtitre plates and many microtitre footprint tube racks or reaction blocks.

HT-12 Series II Evaporator features:

  • Embedded PC with full colour LCD screen
  • Dual channel sample temperature control using SampleGuard
  • Dri-Pure prevents bumping & cross contamination
  • High power SuperCool -75ºC condenser with auto defrost & drain 
  • Scroll vacuum pump
  • Corrosion proof against Trifluoroacetic acid - option for HCl
  • Strong rotor with 85 grams out-of-balance capability
  • Multi stage runs with software safety interlocks for safety

HT-12 Series II Evaporator Applications:

  • High Throughput Chemistry and Parallel Synthesis
  • LC/MS or HPLC Purification
  • Fast Lyophilisation of purification fractions
  • Natural Products Research
  • Oligosynthesis
  • Flash Chromatography
  • Process Development