HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations

Manufacturer Tecan
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  • Application Area: Microarray Hybridization Chamber

"There is nothing this amazing out there that does this job. "

Review date: 21 Oct 2015 | HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations

Tecan’s HS Series of Hybridization Stations are outstanding tools to provide highly consistent and reliable results from sensitive microarray experiments in an easy-to-use way.

The new HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro Hybridization Stations represent the very latest technology for performing fully automated, highly sensitive and reproducible microarray processing on slides. The systems are designed for full automation, from pre-hybridization and on-board denaturation up to automatic slide drying with OSND™ technology. Tecan’s unique ABS (Active Bubble Suppression) system effectively minimizes the risk of bubble formation during a hybridization step, this helps to eliminate hybridization artifacts and enhances consistency of results. Liquid agitation during hybridization increases sensitivity, stringency and uniformity, and enables reduction of hybridization times.

Compact and affordable, the HS 400 Pro is ideal for small-to-medium research laboratories, while the HS 4800 Pro offers higher capacity to meet even the most demanding throughput requirements. Providing the same level of robust performance, HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro can increase productivity in microarray laboratories and help to maximize the value of genomic and proteomic research.

HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro highlights are:
• Tecan's unique ABS (Active Bubble Suppression) system
• Wide (21 mm) chambers for compatibility with common microarray formats
• Improved liquid agitation for viscous hybridization buffers
• Novel dual- and QuadChambers - which are easily interchangeable with the single area chambers - enable these new systems to fully automate the processing of two or four independent sub-arrays per slide with no risk of carry-over

HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro share the benefits of Tecan's well established hybridization systems:
• Full process automation: Hybridization, washing and drying carried out automatically
• Delivers highest sensitivity: Low and uniform background yields wide dynamic range
• Assures consistent and reproducible results of excellent quality
• Saves precious sample through low chamber volumes
• Offers highest flexibility in throughput and range of applications
• Provides easy set-up, operation and maintenance

Tecan HS 4800 Pro and HS 400 Pro applications are:
• Genomic microarrays
• Protein microarrays
• In situ hybridization (ISH)

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HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations

Manufacturer Tecan

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews