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hPSC Growth Medium DXF
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PromoCell has now developed a feeder-free growth medium for human PSC, the hPSC Growth Medium DXF.

The PromoCell hPSC Growth Medium DXF (hPSC-GM DXF) was designed for the feeder-free undifferentiated expansion of human pluripotent stem cells, e.g. hiPS and hESC. The formulation is not only chemically defined / xeno-free, but also completely excludes substances purified from human or animal origin.

In addition, the medium works with growth factor concentrations in the lower physiological range. The optimal culture environmental allows for a well-controlled culture process, consistent and reproducible performance, robust support of pluripotency and improved cloning efficiency.

In combination with the extracellular matrix hPSC-ECM DXF and the hPSC Dissociation Buffer DXF PromoCell provides a defined and xeno-free complete culture system for human pluripotent stem cells. The hPSC-ECM DXF is a defined and xeno-free extracellular matrix of recombinant origin. The nonenzymatic chemically defined and xeno-free hPSC Dissociation Buffer DXF was designed for gentle but efficient subculture of hPSC.


  • Superior support of pluripotency
  • Outstanding cloning efficiency
  • Physiologically low in growth factors
  • Defined and xeno-free culture system
  • No human/animal derived components