Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet by Labcaire Systems Ltd

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Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

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Labcaire Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets will provide protection to products and samples with a curtain of clean air through filters situated at the rear of the cabinet.

The standard HEPA filters are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns which enables better than Class 100 conditions. Where additional sample protection is required, air cleanliness levels may be enhanced by the use of 0.12 micron HEPA filters.

All fans used in the HLF range are large diameter, high performance, variable speed units that ensure the cabinets are very quiet in operation. Essential if a number of cabinets are in the same room.

The HLF cabinets are provided with Stainless Steel worksurfaces and overhead lighting to enhance visibility for the operator.

Hours run indicators, Minihelical differential pressure gauges and variable speed controllers are fitted as standard across the HLF range to ensure filter life is maximised

Airflow Characteristics
Air is drawn in through the top of the cabinet and immediately passed through an EU4 pre-filter to remove any gross particulate. It then passes through the fan before being pushed into a plenum chamber to ensure even distribution of air over the whole HEPA filter face.

Filtered air will then be pushed horizontally towards the operator at a velocity of 0.35 - 0.55 m/sec to ensure no air from the room can flow backwards into the working area.

Feature Summary

  • Low air-flow indicator
  • Stainless Steel worksurface
  • Rolled edge on worksurface
  • Variable speed fans
  • Integral Mini-helic gauges
  • Overhead internal lighting
  • Easy change pre-filter
  • Steel construction with Zintec powder coating
  • Hours run indicator
  • Optional UV Lighting
  • Clear end panels

    For servicing information please mail info@labcaire.co.uk