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Honeybee 963

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The HoneyBee 963 is designed for automated setup of protein crystallization plates. Transfer 96 crystallization solutions and dispense up to 3 proteins in less than 3 minutes. Non contact dispensation of protein eliminates contamination and reusable tips minimize the cost of plate setup. Intuitive software and a small footprint make this an ideal solution for every lab. Low volume dispensing of precipitant solutions to both reservoirs (microliters) and shelves (nanoliters) is acheived using a market-proven 96-position syringe dispenser while proteins are added via an independantly operated synQUAD™ channel. Proprietary synQUAD technology provides fast, precise and accurate non-contact dispensing of a protein solution or proteinligand at nanoliter volumes. The Honeybee 963 maintains precision at these volumes even with challenging solutions such as detergents and viscous precipitants e.g. 30% 8K PEG.