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PRO’s complete line of hand-held, post-mounted and programmable homogenizers meet all your processing needs with the ability to homogenize various volumes (.03ml to 40L) at speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. Through its generator design, PRO users have been able to insure micro-processing of volumes as low as .03 ml in tubes as small as .5ml as well as macro-processing of volumes up to 40 L.

In addition, PRO’s sealed systems have afforded users the safe, non-aerosoling homogenization of pathogens and other sensitive materials. The Multi-Gen 7XL, “ the better alternative to disposable” , further complements the PRO homogenizer line as the industry’s only 316 stainless steel multi-sample processing package. Programmable units as well as computer-interfaced benchtop homogenizer units are also available for repetitive batch processing with a minimum of operator attention. Automate homogenizing systems like the DPS-20 Two-Step Homogenizing System and the Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizing System help alleviate homogenization bottlenecks with their automated technology.