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A full range of Rotor Stator Homogenizers from PRO Scientific

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Homogenized Mouse Skin Tissue, both Infected and Healthy Tissue.

"This product has been in use in our lab for many years, and has not wavered in its functionality. It is easy to assemble, maintain and use. Definitely consider this product when dealing with mouse skin tissue, as skin tissue is notoriously hard to homogenize."

Review date: 03 Oct 2017 | Homogenizers

PRO Homogenizers are considered Rotor Stator Homogenizers.  These mechanical rotor stator homogenizers are considered to be high shear homogenizers.  PRO Rotor Stator homogenizers are precision designed to process various types of samples fast and efficiently through high speed shearing to disperse, homogenize, lyse, emulsify, mix or blend.