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Offered in a number of customized configurations, the Symyx Home and Personal Care workflow allows you to formulate, apply, and test materials more quickly than ever before.
By combining Symyx hardware and software capabilities, this workflow enables you to develop and optimize new formulations, apply formulations to various substrates, and rigorously evaluate these applications using a wide variety of testing conditions.

Prepare: Test broadly

  • Formulate using a broad scope of materials and conditions, including powders, liquids, and viscous liquids, and by varying viscosity, pH, and mixing technology.
  • Optimize formulations through analysis of environmental stability, particle size, UV-VIS spectroscopy, turbidity, and color.

Process: Improve experimental precision and speed

  • Consistently apply formulations to a variety of substrates, using automated coating and deposition technology.
  • Analyze application performance and properties, such as tack, friction and wear, color and gloss, surface energy and contact angle, thermal and environmental performance, microscopy, and rheological properties.

Analyze: Create a searchable repository of information on spectrum of properties for every formulation

  • Create complete experimental records to improve “organizational memory” and efficiency by tracking details including materials, recipe, process conditions, testing protocols, and analysis results.
  • Store, retrieve, and search data on an applications database to share and standardize experiments across internal and external labs.

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Home and Personal Care Workflow

Manufacturer Symyx

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