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Hollow cathode lamps

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Aurora offers a wide-variety of hollow cathode lamps for our own AAS and other systems. We are able to supply more than 70 different hallow cathode lamps of both 37mm (1.5") and 50mm (2") diameter, a variety Deuterium lamps and High Intensity Hallow Cathode Lamps for use with most available spectrometers.
Aurora's unique High Intensity Hollow Cathode Lamps (HIHCLs) overcome the fundamental limitations of standard hollow cathode lamps. In these lamps a secondary discharge is struck between an efficient electron emitter and the anode. The secondary discharge ensures that the majority of the atoms at the face of the cathode are excited and that very few atoms remain in the ground state. This eliminates self-absorption effects and improves both the sensitivity and linearity during analysis.
Furthermore, the line width of these HIHCLs is narrower than those of standard lamps, even at higher current. As a result improved signal to noise ratios are observed. Additionally, these lamps are compatible with Super Lamp Systems.