Hitachi VP-SEM SU1510 by Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Hitachi VP-SEM SU1510 by Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. product image
Hitachi VP-SEM SU1510
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Hitachi VP-SEM SU1510 - Top performance in very compact size

The new Hitachi SU1510 VP-SEM combines the high-performance electron optics of the S-3400N and S-3700N with an ultra-compact design. Its main body is only 55cm wide, and unlike conventional SEM design concepts the SU1510 does not require a special display and operating console - instead, monitor and PC controls can be conveniently placed on any user prepared workspace.

All this does not restrict the available sample size - with up to 153mm sample diameter and 60mm sample height at EDX working distance the SU1510 does not fall short against its full-scale siblings.
Features of the Hitachi VP-SEM SU1510 include:

• VP-SEM mode available as standard (< 270 Pa) 
• Beam energy range 300eV to 30keV 
• 3nm SE resolution in high-vacuum mode (15 kV) 
• 4nm BSE resolution in VP-SEM mode 
• Everhardt-Thornley-SE detector, and 4-segment-BSE detector as standard. ESED detector and IR Chamberscope optionally available. 
• Quad-Bias function for superior signal-to-noise ratio at lower beam energies 
• TMP vacuum system with single rotary pump, no cooling water required. 
• Sophisticated automatic beam axis-alignment functions (Auto Beam Setting, Auto Axial Alignment, auto-Brightness, Auto-Stigma, Auto-Focus) 
• Animated operation and maintenance guides 
• Double EDX ports (opposing each other) with 35° take-off-angle, allowing EDX analysis on up to 60mm tall samples