Hitachi LaChromUltra® U-HPLC System

Hitachi LaChromUltra® U-HPLC System

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Hitachi's Ultra High-Speed Liquid Chromatograph , LaChromUltra ,delivers ultra-fast analysis, higher resolution, increased sensitivity and the flexibility to run both conventional and ultra-high more

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Hitachi's Ultra High-Speed Liquid Chromatograph, LaChromUltra,delivers ultra-fast analysis, higher resolution, increased sensitivity and the flexibility to run both conventional and ultra-high resolution LC analyses on a single system. LaChromUltra is the practical next generation LC solution that meets your laboratory's changing needs AND fits your budget

• 60 MPa (8700 psi) pressure max and 2.0 µm particle size columns result in ultra high-speed analysis (90% faster than conventional HPLC) and dramatically improved resolution
• Reduced system delay volume (as low as 266 µL) minimizes peak dispersion providing improved speed, resolution and sensitivity
• Reduced carryover (0.005%) improves precision, sensitivity and throughput
• Unique hand-tight column fitting system allows no-tools-required column changing making it very easy to change columns/methods
• Advanced Electronic Pulsation Isolation and Compensation (A-EPIC) provides consistent solvent flow reducing pulsation problems and improving gradient accuracy
• Improved detector response (10ms) ensures data integrity for ultra-narrow peak widths common in fast LC
• Advanced Gradient Function eliminates delay volume effect from gradient analysis improving system gradient performance and reducing analysis time
• Full Sequence Download Function streamlines Software/Auto Sampler interface resulting in faster cycle times and higher throughput
• Conventional and Ultra High-Speed LC analysis on a single system allows easy method transfer and the ultimate in flexibility
• Method Transfer Software Tool makes it easy to convert conventional HPLC methods to work on LCU


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