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Hitachi has manufactured over 1800 Amino Acid Analyzers for over 40 years. The L-8900 is capable of analyzing physiological fluids and protein hydrolysates. If you have special requirements, the L-8900 is capable of a broad range of applications including clinical, food and pharmaceuticals.

The L-8900’s unique post-column delivery design mixes the two ninhydrin reagents online just prior to amino acid derivatization which means the reagents can be stored for a year without refrigeration and no degradation of the catalyst. Also, Hitachi's separation columns utilize 3 um particle sizes for superior resolution, and the patented reaction column reduces band-broadening compared to reaction coils. After a series of injections is complete, the entire flow path is automatically washed and the system is shut down. All buffers, reagents and routine maintenance parts are accessible from the front panel, and EZChrom Elite software provides full instrument control and data processing.