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Hitachi’s L-2485 fluorescence detector utilizes new technologies including a 3-D optical axis design, a new beam-collecting mirror, a flow cell with an integrated slit and an optimized transmission beam monitor. This innovative optical design significantly reduces loss of light and increases analytical sensitivity in fluorescence detection. Automatic wavelength calibration and documentation within Empower 2 facilitate compliance with government regulations for system suitability.

• Signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 900: 1 for Raman Band of water at 350 nm (baseline method)
• Wavelength range: Ex: 200 to 850 nm and Em: 250 to 900 nm
• Spectral bandwidth: Ex: 15 nm and Em: 15 and 30 nm (selectable)
• Light source: 150W Xe lamp
• GLP functions:
• Auto calibration using Hg lamp
• Lamp energy check
• Log for lamp usage
• Lamp replacement date
• Wavelength accuracy check
• Front-panel access for easy maintenance