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Hitachi’s L-2300 Column Oven incorporates new technology that provides superior temperature stability and reduces thermal gradients resulting in greatly enhanced performance. Peltier heating and cooling allow short equilibration times. In addition, solvent is preheated prior to reaching the column which results in stable temperature inside the column. System connectivity ensures that sample injections are made only when temperature has been reached. Front-panel access makes it easy to install up to 3 HPLC columns. Room and oven temperatures can be monitored, and documentation of temperature throughout the analysis is maintained. Full control by Empower 2 is available.

• Optional 3-column switching valve
• Built-in leak sensor
• Ambient and oven temperature recording
• Range: [Room temperature - 15 °C] to 65 °C
• Column capacity: Up to three 250 mm columns
• Front-panel access for easy maintenance"