Hitachi L-2200 Autosampler

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Rating: 3.7

"When the injector on the autosampler failed to make two injections amongst a sequence of around 20, i'm prompted to ask 'why'? still have not found the answer, but the instrument appears to work flawlessly most of the time. headspace and analyst error don't seem to be the issue nor were there mobile phase, column, or pressure issues with the system. both standards and check standards worked perfectly. i've been told that 'missed injections' do happen with the hitachi l-2200, but i'm less experienced with this hplc setup than with others."

Review date: 19 Sep 2011 | Hitachi L-2200 Autosampler
Hitachi's L-2200 LaChrom Elite Autosampler represents a new standard of performance for HPLC autosamplers. Whether you need high sample capacity, the very best precision, lowest carry-over, or rapid cycle times between injections, the LaChrom Elite Model L-2200 excels. With the flexibility to use standard vials or microtiter plates and superb reproducibility, the Model L-2200 is the perfect sample management platform for the LaChrom Elite HPLC System. Since a direct all injection is utilized and the needle remains in the flow path, extremely low carryover is realized. Full control by Empower 2 is available.

• Carryover: < 0.003% typical for methyl paraben
• Repeatability: 0.3% RSD (at 10-µL injection)
• Capacity: 200 vials (1.5 mL)
• Rack options: 128 (4-mL), 336 (1-mL), Microtiter rack (3 plates)
• Cooling options: 4 to 20 °C (at ambient)
• Injection volume: 0.1 µL to 50 µL (standard)/50 µL to 4.5 mL (optional)
• Syringe volumes: 0.1 mL (standard); 0.5, 1, 2.5, and 5 mL (optional)
• Built-in leak sensor
• Front-panel access for easy maintenance"

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Hitachi L-2200 Autosampler

Manufacturer Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews