HistoChill by Genevac

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The HistoChill low temperature bath is mechanically refrigerated with an ultimate low temperature of -80°C. Because it's mechanically refrigerated there's no need for storing, crushing and handling hazardous and expensive dry ice. It's used for the rapid freezing of tissue samples in Histology and Pathology Labs as well as other disciplines. Using a liquid medium, the HistoChill rapidly and thoroughly freezes samples minimizing ice crystal formation compared with the slow freezing rates encountered in a cryotome.

There are many benefits to the HistoChill, not least, the elimination of handling liquid nitrogen which may be costly, and must be handled very carefully in the laboratory. The HistoChill has a precisely controlled and highly uniform liquid cooling medium which enables very rapid freezing of the samples - with two key benefits, elimination of induced artifact by "burn", uniform small ice crystal size facilitating microscopic examination. Uniform and small ice crystal size enables better sectioning in the cryotome, with less tissue damage, wrinkling and wastage.

The HistoChill is available in 2 configurations: the basic HistoChill for general freezing applications and the advanced model with built in magnetic stirrer and temperature control for more stringent, tissue specific or R&D applications. The advanced model includes digital set point and temperature indication.