HiPrep Sephacryl Prepacked Columns

Manufacturer GE Healthcare
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  • Application Area: Protein Size Exclusion

"This polymer resin offers a good separation range and it's quite chemically resistant. It supports a wide variety of cleaning solutions and yields a good and well defined peak resolution. "

Review date: 02 Dec 2014 | HiPrep Sephacryl Prepacked Columns
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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area:Protein Purification And Molecular Weight Determination

"Sephacryl S-100 and S-200 High Resolution columns are very good for initial fractionation for a mixture of proteins. These columns can be loaded with a maximum of 250 mg/ml of proteins of crude extract. The column efficiency can be increased by decreasing the flow rate. For better resolution, use the recommended. These columns are also commonly used for the determination of relative molecular mass of unknown proteins."

Review date: 14 Jan 2014 | HiPrep Sephacryl Prepacked Columns
Sephacryl™ High Resolution (HR) chromatography media allow fast and reproducible purification of proteins, polysaccharides, and other macromolecules by gel filtration at laboratory and industrial scale.

Five Sephacryl HR chromatography media are available as prepacked columns and in laboratory and larger pack sizes; Sephacryl S-100 HR, S-200 HR, S-300 HR, S-400 HR, and S-500 HR.

All five Sephacryl HR media are available in prepacked HiPrep Sephacryl HR gel filtration columns. Each chromatography medium is available in two different prepacked column sizes; 16/60 (120ml) and 26/60 (320ml). HiPrep Sephacryl HR gel filtration columns provide the excellent purification properties of Sephacryl HR media in a convenient, ready-to-use format. The many applications of the columns include preparative purifications.

HiPrep Sephacryl Prepacked Columns Features:

  • Convenient, prepacked HiPrep Sephacryl columns speed up protein purification.
  • The HiPrep Sephacryl series offers reproducible separations over a wide molecular weight range.
  • Well-established in industrial production.
  • Maximum recovery and minimum nonspecific adsorption with long-term chemical and physical stability resulting from the hydrophilic, rigid allyl dextran/bisacrylamide matrix.
  • Gel filtration columns for low to medium pressure ÄKTA systems.

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HiPrep Sephacryl Prepacked Columns

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

4.2 / 5.0 | 2 reviews