HighRes Biosolutions' MicroStar by HighRes Biosolutions, Inc.

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HighRes Biosolutions' MicroStar
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HighRes Biosolutions' MicroStar - The Ultimate Modular Robotic System

MicroStar - the ultimate modular robotic system — enables you to build the most flexible and dynamic laboratory ever. MicroStar's simple yet ingenious design enables you to tailor your lab's capacity and processes to fit your research needs, allowing you to easily add, remove, and relocate material and devices — even repurpose systems, all on-demand.

Key Features of the HighRes Biosolutions MicroStar:

•  One, two or even three-robot integrations (featuring Stäubli robots)
•  Upgrade your lab's capacity in the future—just add another MicroStar
•  Easily runs with Cellario™ scheduling software (with full error recovery and over 80 device drivers)
•  Available in 6-sided, 9-sided or 12-sided configuration
•  Connect several MicroStars to work as one system—just add a bridge station between them
•  Standard pod sizes for quick project turnaround
•  Highest quality construction

Drug Discovery Applications of the MicroStar include:

•  Secondary Screening
•  High Throughput Screening
•  Compound Delivery

Key Components of the MicroStar:

• Dual Stäubli robot integration allows plates to be transferred from one MicroStar unit to another via a plate exchange station
• Environmentally controlled incubators store master compound and assay plates at specified conditions
• HighRes MicroServe™ quickly delivers as many as 770 MTPs to the screening system
• Acoustic dispensing units allow for direct transfer of compounds, cherry picking, or dose- response creation
• Single and multi-reagent non-contact dispensers can add a wide variety of assay reagents
• An automated plate washer enables ELISA and FLIPR assay processing
• Multimode readers measure compound effects on biological targets and transmit
data to a predefined destination

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HighRes Biosolutions' MicroStar by HighRes Biosolutions, Inc. product image

HighRes Biosolutions' MicroStar

Manufacturer HighRes Biosolutions, Inc.

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews