High Voltage Programable Power Supplies by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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High Voltage Programable Power Supplies
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High Voltage Programmable Power Supplies

Today’s hectic laboratory environment demands that equipment be versatile, reliable and easy-to-use. From SDS-PAGE to IEF to DNA sequencing, Thermo Series 90 high voltage power supplies will handle all routine electrophoretic applications.

Product Detail

Versatile for a wide range of applications

From simple techniques such as submarine electrophoresis and SDS-PAGE, to DNA Sequencing and Multiple Step IEF, the Series 90 Programmable Power Supplies will support virtually any application.

The Series 90 Programmable Power Supplies are available in four different output voltages:
2000, 3000, 4000 or 6000V.

All models operate in constant voltage, current or power operating modes with automatic crossover between modes.

Programming designed for maximum ease-of-use

These programmable power supplies should be simple and convenient. They offer a large LCD screen display as well as a LED readout of voltage for easy visibility. This product also offers a “smart key” approach to programming that makes programming simple for the user and allows the user to retain their information eve when the unit is turned off.

Sophisticated safety features

All programmable power supplies feature a number of built-in circuits to protect and alert the user to potentially unsafe operating conditions. Each is also equipped with an advanced ground leakage detection system to protect users.