High-Throughput Rheometer (HTR) by Anton Paar GmbH

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High-Throughput Rheometer (HTR)
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Anton Paar's High Throughput Rheometer (HTR) is the first fully automated rheometer available.

Rheological measurements are carried out by MCR rheometers in the high quality the instruments are known for, while a robot handles all additional tasks pertaining to the measurement: sample loading, sample trimming and the cleaning of the upper and lower measuring system while the next measurement is already in progress. The complete automation of the entire measuring procedure, from sample loading righ through to data evaluation, for the very first time allows fully realized high-throughput rheometry.

High Throughput Rheometer (HTR) Technical Features:

  • 24-hour operation
  • Reliable rheological measurement with a standard MCR rheometer
  • Cone-plate, parallel plate and concentric cylinder systems
  • Fully automated sample loading and trimming
  • Bar code reader for sample identification
  • Fully automated cleaning with customized procedures
  • Full range of rheological measuring parameters in rotation and oscillation
  • Temperature control with Peltier heated and electrically heated systems