High Sensitivity Streptavidin and NeutrAvidin Coated Plates

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Thermo Scientific Pierce High Sensitivity Streptavidin and NeutrAvidin Coated Plates enable detection of low concentrations of biotinylated antibodies and other proteins (i.e., 5 ng/ml). Whether detecting your signal by fluorescent, colorimetric or chemiluminescent methods, these plates make it easy to develop an ELISA for any sample with a low-level target.

Highlights of Biotin-Binding High Sensitivity Plates:

Sensitive – detect down to 5 ng/ml of biotinylated IgG
Specific – low background with high signal-to-noise ratios
Versatile – use either fluorescence, chemiluminescence or colorimetric detection
Robust – broad dynamic range
Ready to use – plates are supplied pre-blocked to save time