High-Resolution Microarray Scanner by Agilent Technologies

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High-Resolution Microarray Scanner
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Agilents High-Resolution C Scanner provides the advanced capabilities your laboratory needs to perform high-density microarray analysis. Optimized through SureScan High Resolution Technology, the dynamic range is now 20X greater than other leading scanners. Seamless data processing and the industrys first dynamic autofocus helps deliver the clarity and quality your research requires.

  • Superior resolution, (10 microns down to 2 microns) enable scanning of new SurePrint G3 arrays as well as legacy microarrays.
  • Extended dynamic range (XDR) improved 20-fold, identifying weaker signals and preventing feature saturation.
  • Faster scan times for faster speed to results.
  • Dynamic autofocus provides increased sensitivity and precision, regardless of glass aberrations.
  • Also includes the Ozone-Barrier slide cover for a low cost solution to protect against ozone-induced dye degradation during processing.