High Purity Gas Analyser (HPGA) by Ellutia

Manufacturer Ellutia

High Purity Gas Analyser (HPGA) by Ellutia product image
High Purity Gas Analyser (HPGA)
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The HPGA has been designed with complete flexibility in its configuration. This allows up to two detectors, multiple columns in an air blown oven and up to five switching valves for full multi-dimensional chromatography. The system is designed in a 6U 19” rack module, with a secondary module containing the supply gas conditioning units.

Detection limits as low as 10 ppb for trace elements, can be obtained when using a Pulsed Discharge Ionization Detector (PDID) and low percent levels for the larger matrix components using a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD).

Other two detector combinations commonly employed and available from Ellutia, use a PDID and Flame Ionization Detector (FID) for its large linear range for hydrocarbons and the use of two PDID detectors to gain greater flexibility at high sensitivity.