High Load CPG; Universal Solid Support by Bioneer

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High Load CPG; Universal Solid Support
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High load CPG prepackaged
Universal solid support for DNA Synthesis

Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) is the gold standard for solid phase oligonucleotide synthesis, with features such as high surface area, tightly controlled pore size and chemical inertness.Our High load CPG for DNA synthesis is available with or without phosphoramidites and can be purchased for standard synthesis sizes or for long-mer synthesis.


• Utilizes CPG (controlled pore glass) with a 1000 Å pore size
• Compatible with most commercial synthesizers including large-scale synthesizers and available in various column sizes

Bioneer offers high quality modification phosphoramidites for RNA or DNA synthesis that are compatible with most commercial synthesizers. Since we manufacture, our prices are among the best in the industry and our quality is unsurpassed.

Technical Information for High Load CPG
• CPG-dA(Bz) (1000 Å)
• CPG-dC(Bz) (1000 Å)
• CPG-dG(ib) (1000 Å)
• CPG-dG(ib) (1000 Å)