Heterogeneous Catalysis Workflow by Symyx

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Heterogeneous Catalysis Workflow
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Efficiently design, synthesize, characterize and screen libraries of catalyst materials by combining custom hardware and software capabilities.

Create and test hundreds of heterogeneous catalyst materials per week using a variety of fully automated techniques. The automated nature of the workflows increase reproducibility and provide a complete experimental record.

Prepare: Synthesize diverse arrays of heterogeneous catalysts

  • Rapidly explore complex compositional phase spaces.
  • Prepare hundreds of samples per week with any one of several automated synthesis tools.
  • Tools are available for impregnation, coprecipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, sol gel synthesis and solvent evaporation.
  • Flexible hardware and software allows easy modification and rearrangement of elementary steps in a synthesis.

Process: Modify heterogeneous catalyst materials using automated techniques

  • Calcination, reduction and other pretreatments (ex situ and in situ)
  • Mechanical treatments such as grinding, pilling, sizing
  • Washing and ion exchanging

Analyze: Correlate catalyst performance, physical properties and synthesis

  • Analyze samples by XRD, SEM, EDS, BET, XRF, and ICP by integrating third party hardware as part of a workflow.
  • Rapidly explore complex process phase spaces.
  • Screen 48 samples simultaneously in a multi-channel fixed bed reactor with full product analysis and mass balance. With pressures up to 2000 PSI, temperatures up to 650ºC, with a reaction zone temperature accuracy of +/-.5ºC, and a flow split accuracy of <1% RSD.
  • Screen 24–96 samples simultaneously in a parallel liquid phase batch reactor at up to1500 PSI and 450ºC.