Hemoccult II SENSA elite by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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Hemoccult II SENSA elite

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Hemoccult II SENSA elite is designed to be easier for patients. Its simplified test card, clearer patient instructions and sample collection options make it easier for patients to understand and complete the test.

Hemoccult II SENSA elite has simpler diet guidelines that are explained in an easy-to-read format describing which foods and drugs patients need to avoid and which are acceptable. Clear, simple developing procedures with one back flap and a single Performance Monitor make the processing and interpreting of Hemoccult II SENSA elite tests easier and faster for healthcare professionals. Polyps and cancer may bleed intermittently.

Hemoccult II SENSA elite products are designed so patients can collect serial specimens over three days. This increases the probability of detecting hidden blood from polyps and cancer.

Hemoccult II SENSA elite Features:

  • Physicians' #1 choice in enhanced fecal occult blood testing
  • Easier Diet and Patient Instructions
  • Easier Sample Collection
  • Easier Processing
  • Improved readability, intense blue reaction
  • 14-day on-slide stability
  • Highest clinical sensitivity readings (92%) (1,2)
  • Comprehensive patient educational support
  • CLIA Category
  • Waived

1. Data on file, Product Development department, Beckman Coulter, Inc., Rapid Diagnostics (formerly SmithKline Diagnostics).
2. Baker, J., et al.: ""Readability and sensitivity of two guaiac-based fecal occult blood tests,"" Gastroenterol. 94(5):A5, 1988

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Hemoccult II SENSA elite by Beckman Coulter product image

Hemoccult II SENSA elite

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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