Hemoccult ICT Controls by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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Hemoccult ICT Controls
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Hemoccult® ICT is the latest and most advanced fecal occult blood test (FOBT) in the Hemoccult product line.

Hemoccult ICT is an immunochemical FOBT (iFOBT or FIT). It is clinically proven to detect bleeding associated with more cancers and polyps than traditional guaiac-based FOBTs. Because of its superior specificity for lower GI bleeding, Hemoccult ICT is an ideal screening tool for colorectal cancer (CRC), and this specificity also reduces the number of false positive test results. Safe and non-invasive, Hemoccult ICT is very patient friendly, as there are no diet or drug restrictions for patients to follow while they are using it, which helps increase patient compliance.

Hemoccult ICT Controls

Hemoccult ICT Controls features:

Hemoccult ICT Controls are for use exclusively with the Hemoccult ICT Test Kit (product #395067). The controls can be used to independently verify the functionality and performance of the test; they are not for use as general purpose controls.

Hemoccult ICT Control Procedure
Follow the procedure as described in the Control Package Insert.