Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cells by Specac Ltd

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Heatable Long Pathlength Gas Cells
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Based on the White cell principle of multiple light passes between an arrangement of reflecting mirrors, Cyclone™ gas cells are available in fixed and variable pathlengths between 0.5m and 10.6m.
Cyclone™ series gas cells are suitable for operation in all modern FT-IR spectrometers using the Specac Benchmark™ baseplate provided as standard.

Cells are available as standard with a borosilicate glass body for operation at ambient temperatures and pressures ranging from vacuum to 15 p.s.i. Protected gold mirrors, internal and external components made from nickel-plated aluminium and stainless steel, and Viton® 'O' rings are combined to ensure the highest chemicals compatibility and protection from leaks.

Vacuum / gas inlet and outlet taps, KBr windows and a purgeable transfer optics box further enhance this already highly featured range.