Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay by Randox Laboratories Ltd.

Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay by Randox Laboratories Ltd. product image
Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) Assay
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Randox offer the world’s first CE marked automated chemistry assay for Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP), a highly sensitive and specific marker of myocardial ischemia.

H-FABP is detectable as early as 30 minutes following the onset of an ischemic episode. H-FABP concentrations peak at approximately 6-8 hours and return to normal within approximately 24-30 hours. Although H-FABP has similar release kinetics to Myoglobin, it is 15-20 times more cardiac specific, making it a more effective marker of myocardial injury.

Using a combination of H-FABP and Troponin has been shown to significantly improve the diagnostic sensitivity for MI/ACS during the early hours after symptom onset, compared to using Troponin alone. Prognostically, a number of large trials have illustrated the value of H-FABP in stratifying long-term ACS risk in both Troponin positive and negative patients. H-FABP has also shown to be incrementally additive to Troponin, diagnostically and prognostically, even when a highly sensitive Troponin assay is used. H-FABP has also been found to be clinically useful in other applications including pulmonary embolism, coronary artery bypass surgery and cerebrovascular disease.

Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) Features: 

  • Fully quantitative determination of H-FABP in serum in as little as 14 minutes
  • Highly sensitive: 0.747ng/ml
  • Linear up to 120ng/ml
  • Applications available for a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers