HE-PLUS Electrophoresis system

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The HE-PLUS Complete Electrophoresis System is designed to meet a wide range of research application requirements.

The HE-PLUS is completely integrated with a built-in variable power supply and provides a compact easy-to-use horizontal electrophoresis system for the separation of nucleic acids.

The HE-PLUS offers a high throughput 96 well format with multichannel pipette compatible combs for the direct loading of samples in a small footprint. The system comes complete with four 14/28 well combs, three gel trays, and an external casting stand. The HE-PLUS with built-in direct connect power supply provides an LED display for easy viewing of the voltage, amperage, and time. The power supply is adjustable from 10 to 150 volts or 10 to 400 mA for maximum control of the separation parameters. Also featured is a 99:59 minute timer with an audible end of run alert. The horizontal tank is made of rugged polycarbonate and has a vented lid to reduce condensation so the run can be visually monitored.

Key Features of the Hoefer HE-PLUS Complete Electrophoresis System

• Compact and easy to use 
• Built-in variable power supply - 10 to 400 mA or 10 to 150 Volts 
• LED display 
• Built-in Timer with audible alert 
• Time, voltage, and amperage are monitored 
• No load, over load, and load change safety features 
• Leak proof and durable injection molded gel tank 
• Large sample number multichannel pipette compatible 
• Leak proof casting stand 
• Run up to four 6 x 6 cm micro trays at once 
• Vented lid to reduce condensation 
• Easy disconnect from power supply