HCTplus (High Capacity Trap) ion trap system

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The new Bruker Daltonics HCTplus™ top-of-the-line high capacity ion trap system has significantly enhanced transmission, storage and detection capabilities.   The novel and unique HTCplus features the overall highest sensitivity in full scan MS and MS/MS of all ion traps, in combination with ultra-high acquisition speed, optimal spectral information content, and exceptional in-scan dynamic range.  These unique attributes translate directly into information-rich LC/MS(n) runs, important for the identification and characterization of proteins/peptides and drug metabolites.  Powered by COMPASS™ software, both the HCT and HCTplus are fully integrated into our PROTEINEER™ solutions for 2-D gel based or (multi-) LC expression proteomics methods.   The HCTplus is four times more sensitive than the existing HCT, which it replaces.   As the HCTplus acquires even more high-quality data from low concentration biological samples, it enables high-information content LC/MS(n) analysis, which is optimal to feed efficient bioinformatics platforms like ProteinScape™.   We strongly believe the new HCTplus adds significant value to customers performing  challenging research work in expression proteomics, metabolite studies and biomarker discovery.   For pharmaceutical customers, all esquire and HCT systems offer software tools to support customers in achieving 21 CFR part 11 compliance.  Bruker Daltonics provides optional IQ, OQ, and PV services to FDA-regulated customers.