Handheld pH meters by Xylem

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Handheld pH meters
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pH 315i, pH 330i, pH 340i

  • Robust
  • Waterproof (IP 67)
  • Large silicone keys

WTW handheld pH meters are optimized for use on-site and field use, but can also be used in the laboratory. In particular the pH 340i, with its optional line power supply and serial interface, is suitable for applications in which precise measurements are required both in the laboratory and the field.

WTW handheld pH meters are available in three versions:

pH 315i

Robust and waterproof battery-operated pH/mV meter. Measuring errors are avoided by the silicone keypad with only 5 keys and a simplified calibration method with automatic buffer recognition and display for standard buffers. AutoRead ensures stable and reproducible results.

pH 330i

Robust and waterproof battery-operated pH/mV meter with built-in datalogger, real-time clock, GLP-supporting functions, display for calibration switchable between pH and mV. Configured with MultiCal® automatic calibration for buffer recognition, and automatic temperature compensation.

pH 340i

Features of pH 330i, with additional analog and digital RS 232 output.