H60 Compact Benchtop Front Loading Autoclaves by Priorclave Ltd

Manufacturer Priorclave Ltd
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H60 Compact Benchtop Front Loading Autoclaves
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Average Rating: 5.0
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Tissue Culture

"A very easy to use and compact autoclave that has served us well for 10 years without an issue. A robust device that performs everytime. I would recommend it to anyone."

Review date: 01 Aug 2013 | H60 Compact Benchtop Front Loading Autoclaves
Priorclave Benchtop Autoclaves offer the flexibility of larger models for the smaller laboratory.

With a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves, the Priorclave H60 compact, front loading 60 litre steam sterilisers enable laboratories with low volume requirements to enjoy the full benefits of a feature-packed range at an affordable price.

Designed for bench-mounting and easy installation, models in this versatile H60 range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill and come in a choice of standard or vacuum models. These models will appeal to laboratories where space is limited and infrequent sterilisations take place.

The H60 compact autoclave is ideally suited for use in a wide range of sterilising applications such as media preparation, laboratory waste, liquids and diluents, glassware, instruments and apparatus.

H60 Compact Benchtop Front Loading Autoclaves Features:

  • Operation up to 140C – 2.5 Bar.
  • Quickseal 2 single action closure
  • Complete with thermocouple entry and test ports
  • Forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times
  • Automatic timed freesteaming as standard for improved air removal and sterilising performance
  • Delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready to pour media at the start of the day