GX-271 ASPEC™ by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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Designed with today’s laboratory in mind, the GX-271 ASPEC™ has large cartridge capacity while minimizing its linear bench space footprint. System pressure is constantly monitored by a pressure sensing module to provide error handling for over pressurization as well as to monitor real-time cartridge pressures. Carryover and cross-contamination concerns are minimized with the use of Gilson’s revolutionary jet wash rinse stations. The GX-271 ASPEC combines the throughput and reliability to run unattended making this instrument an ideal choice for SPE, sample prep, sample clean up and GPC / SPE applications.

• Accommodates 1, 3 and 6 mL SPE cartridges.
• Mobile Rack technology enables use as an SPE instrument as well as a Liquid Handling instrument.
• Positive pressure achieved via Gilson’s unique and innovative sealing cap design.
• 406 Single Syringe Pump enables air push from either syringes or external air sources.
• On-bed reservoirs allow access up to four solvents without taking up a valuable rack position.
• Jet Wash rinse technology with optional rinse pump allows multiple rinsing parameters depending on the applications needs.
• The 406 Single Syringe Pump is equipped with a pressure sensing module that monitors pressure and can be used to handle error conditions such as high cartridge pressure, or clogged liquid lines.
• Eluted product can be fractionated by moving to different collection tubes for applications such as buffer or pH step gradients.
• Operate in both batch and sequential mode to optimize throughput and efficiency.
• Optional GX Direct Injection Module for performing on-line injections onto HPLC or LC/MS systems.
• Modular design allows the use of Code 20 or Code 200 series racks.