GX-274 ASPEC™ System by Gilson, Inc.

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GX-274 ASPEC™ System
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The GX-274 ASPEC™ (Automated Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges) is an ideal solution for mid to high-throughput sample clean-up and extraction.

Maximize efficiency and throughput with the unattended, parallel solid phase extraction processing of samples via Gilson’s GX-274 ASPEC™. It’s as easy as placing your samples on the instrument, inserting SPE cartridges in the mobile racks, and filling solvent reservoirs. Then, create your sample list with the powerful TRILUTION® LH software and press start...it’s that easy.

The GX-274 ASPEC is a higher throughput four-probe instrument capable of processing up to 4 samples in parallel to increase both throughput and the efficiency of your cartridge-based applications. Based on positive pressure elution, this instrument processes up to four samples in a single step with an innovative and proven sealing cap technology, where each cartridge is sealed, run, and monitored individually. The two 406 Dual Syringe Pumps allow the user to transfer liquids, process up to four samples in parallel, and to monitor pressure on each fluid path individually.

Product #: 2614010

GX-274 ASPEC™ Features:

  • Mobile Rack technology enables the entire SPE process to be automated from the initial condition to the final elution and transfer while allowing access to cartridges and compounds of interest.
  • The linear rail system permits automated method development and method optimization in which all or selected steps are collected and evaluated.
  • On-bed transfer ports allow access to two additional large volume solvent reservoirs; incorporating a VALVEMATE® II provides access to ten off-bed solvents.
  • Process four SPE cartridges simultaneously for increased throughput.
  • Built-in pressure sensing on each fluid line monitors cartridge pressure and responds to blockage by activating an error handling method.
  • Positive Pressure elution increases reproducibility and precision due to process consistency.

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